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  • Event Date: 30-Oct-2021
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Description: Slogans are such that they attract the people’s eye for diverse ideas and promote movements and campaigns. Promoting the concept of eco-friendly Diwali is very much essential. Readers and Writers Club paves the way for our students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to the moral values and unleash their vitality. Slogan Reading and Poster Making competition were conducted focusing on brushing up students talents. Each child was given the opportunity and the platform to display his/ her talent and present themselves as individuals. Guided by their class teacher the first round of this competition was held in their respective classes. From each section one child was selected for the final round. On the day of the competition, the students were in full school uniform and ready with their required materials. Three out of eight students were the winners of the competition , standing on the position first, second and third followed by three students who secured consolation prizes. We must also not forget the cooperation and support of the parents and teachers as without them nothing would have been possible. The competition was wonderful and appreciated by all. Children too enjoyed participating. The active participation of the students really made this competition successful. The competition was judged by Miss Rashmi Lata, Miss Rajni strong and Miss Punam Kumari The results are as follows:- 1st- Anant Singh (3- B) 2nd- Sona Chaurasiya ( 3-G) 3rd- Vani (3- D) Consolation prize:- Shubham Kumar (3-C) Samridhi (3-H) Vridhi Ranjan (3-E)