School Fees

Payment Of Fees :

This includes tuition fees, library fees, science fees, Art and Craft fees and Term fees.

  • Every student is provided with a separate bill book with separate bill no. This bill book must be produced at the time fees are being deposited. The Fees Bill Book is to be kept very carefully. If the bill book is lost or disfigured then a duplicate will be made available at Administrative Building on payment of Rs. 50/-. In the event of a child not having been provided a bill book it will be the duty of the parent to inform the office of the same, in writing, and obtain one at the earliest. Fees must be cleared before the due date lapses. No reduction of fees is made for holidays or broken period.
  • All fees are to be deposited bimonthly in advance, that is by the stipulated date as given in the bill book for 12 months of the academic year.

    Note : Fees to be deposited from the 1st to 15th of the month in the Bank. 1st to 4th in the School office preferably by Drafts in favour of St. Karen's Montessori School crossed "A/C payee". Cheques/ Drafts drawn only on Central of India, Rukanpura branch, Bailey Road. Cheques/Drafts drawn on any other Bank or even on any other branches of the Bank of India SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Details of Cheque payments must be entered on the payin- slip. Further to this Guardians must enter the Name, Std., Section, Bill no. and month of fees payment on the reverse of the Cheques. Other types of cheques/instruments shall not be accepted. If a cheque is dishonoured, then the Parent/Guardian shall have to re-imburse the school the requisite Bank charges for such dishonour of the cheque along with a fine of Rs. 100/-. All payments thereafter shall have to be made in "CASH" only.

  • Fees once again will be accepted in the following month from the 5th to the 20th, but since fees are being paid behind schedule, late fee fine of Rs. 50/- p.m. will have to be deposited along with the fees for the first of the bimonthly month.

    Late Fee Fine : If fees are deposited after the 20th of the first bimonthly months then Rs. 50/- will be charged as late fee fine. Example : May/June fees are being deposited after the 20th of May, but before the 16th of June, then Rs. 50/- will be charged for May. However, if fees of both the bimonthly months are being paid after the 20th of the second bimonthly month then Rs. 100/- @ Rs. 50/- per month, will be charged as late fee fine for both the months. Example : May/June fees are being paid after the 20th of June, then late fee fine for May and June @ of Rs. 50/- per month amount to Rs. 100/- will be charged. The above rule regarding the late fee will be strictly enforced from the academic year 2017. Any request to condone the same for various reasons will not be entertained.

    N.B. : Please note there shall be no grace period for depositing of fees.

  • If any one instalment of fees is pending i.e.,1/2 months then the students' name will automatically be struck off the rolls. In which case the child will have to be detained at home until all dues are deposited. This will comprise of : :
    1. The late fee fine of Rs. 50/- for each month.
    3. The School fees that are due if any.
    4. However the above rule will not hold good during the Terminal and Annual Exams. During these exams all fees including outstanding dues will have to be cleared, before the examination begins. No student, will be permitted having dues of any sort, to appear for the Terminal and the Final Exams. The Admit card to these exams will be with held. No application for time will be entertained for the terminal and annual exams. No retest will be conducted in this case.
    5. No student will be allowed to return to the School until all outstanding accounts of the previous term have been settled in full.
    6. No T.C.’s will be issued until and unless financial outstandings have been paid to the school in full.
    10. If for whatever reason a student discontinues attending this school without clearing his/her dues, then in the event of the parent having another child/children studying in the school, the said arrears will continue to be treated as a financial liability of the parent. It must be cleared within a week of a demand notice being served by the School. Failing this, the school reserves the right to disallow the other child/children from attending school until the dues in question are cleared.