Our Educational Goals

At St. Karen's we bestow the following LEARNING GIFTS on our students to realise our Educational Goals.

  • K- Knowledge of Life to choose wisely, understand compassionately and feel deeply as they journey through life.
  • A- Altitude in Attitude developing the right attitude to face life's challenges with strength in one's abilities and convictions.
  • R- Recognition of Talents by exploring and challenging one's self, innate talents surface leading to positive self esteem.
  • E- Empowering Education facilitated by active learning, enabling responsible decision making and linking academic knowledge to real life situation.
  • N- Nurturing Environment much more than just the building, the educators of our school nurture and care for the holistic development of the student.
  • S- Sense of Values / Social Sensitivity imparting of core values that promote respect, honesty, co-operation, fairness and kindness.