School Song

Our motherland we call her India
Our home, Our school, St. Karen's School
We give to God our friends our country.
With iron wills and hearts determined to do
God has given us a task in this world we are living in
He has placed our nation's future in our hands.
If we are one we can succeed
Meet our own and all men's needs
To build a bright and new tomorrow in our land.
We're the bearers of India's flag
We will surely make her glad
Of the values we were taught at school
May the ideals of purity, honesty, sincerity
Learnt through work and play while we're in school.
In the sunny days of youth, we will toil and reap the fruit
To build a bright and a new tomorrow in our land.
We offer selves and school to God
And we ask, for blessings on us all
May he give us the power of prayer that heals
May he help us to believe in our ideals that we can lead
To build to bright and new tomorrow in our land.