The Patron Saint of the School is St.Kathrtine of Siena. Her feast day is on the 29th of April. This is celebrated as St.Karen's Day. St. Karen's Nursery School was founded in the year 1990 by renowned educationist Mr. D.P. Galstaun & his wife Mrs. L.B. Galstaun. The school has derived its name from the novel KAREN written by Marie Lyons Killilea. 'KAREN' is thr insprining true story of a little girl who triumph over possible. Imbued with the same spirit of sacrifice, love, devotion and care for children, St.Karen's was established. St.Karen's Montessori School is a minority Anglo-Indian Christian institution,by reason of religion.

Through our curriculum we endeavour to teach them ‘Values that are Valued Forever’ and to ‘Shine to Outshine’ with the true Karenite Spirit.The extraordinary pioneering spirit and distinctive charisma of its founder Mr. D. P. Galstaun and his wife Mrs. L. B. Galstaun, were underpinned by their fundamental principles of an unfailing faith in God, truth, justice and upholding the dignity of the child; core values which guide and shape their vision and educational philosophy.At the root of it all, the founders have maintained their abiding aim – to educate, empower and motivate all the students to grow into confident, conscientious and compassionate human beings. Their exemplary perseverance, hard work and belief in themselves led to the derivation of the School’s Motto “LABOUR REAPS REWARD’. The school’s motto continues to be the guiding principle that defines every Karenite. We strive to achieve the following aims and objectives;

• To improve our students as Readers, Writers, Thinkers and Speakers in all subjects.
• To develop a sense of community service in school life.
• To train our young minds with the basics, laying a strong foundation for a lifetime to learning and personal development.
• To foster intellectual & emotional skills.
• To develop physical and artistic talents.
• To make our children ‘COMPLETE’ and sound individuals in their own right.

At St. Karen's we bestow the following LEARNING GIFTS on our students to realise our Educational goals.

K - Knowledge of Life to choose wisely, understand compassionately and feel deeply as they journey through life.

A - Altitude in Attitude Developing the right attitude to face life's challenges with strength in one's abilities and convictions.

R - Recognition of Talents By exploring and challenging one's self, innate talents surface leading to positive self-esteem.

E - Empowering Education facilitated by active learning, enabling responsible decision making and linking academic knowledge to real life situation.

N - Nurturing Environment Much more than just the building, the educators of our school nurture and care for the holistic development of the student.

S - Sense of Values / Social Sensitivity Imparting of core values that promote respect, honesty, co-operation, fairness and kindness.