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  • Event Date: 13-Dec-2022
  • Updated On: 13-Dec-2022
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Description: On 13th December 2022 kindergarten students of St. Karen's Montessori School participated in Fun Race. The theme of the race was "RUN FOR FUN". Our little karenite showed their physical stamina and presence of mind. All the students performed well. It was a competition and the children were selected as winners from all different types of races and they got certificates for the same. parents saw their ward performances and feel happy. Everybody enjoyed the day and our Big Ma'am encouraged the students to participate in the activities. Winners of Nursery A and B were 1st- Duggu Raj and Anabia Rub , 2nd- Nafia Ali and Abhirudra Pratap, 3rd- Abubakar Mallick and Aavya Raj , 4th- Aradhya and Aarvi Ranjan. And of Nursery C and D were 1st- Shreyansh kautilya and Jigyasha Singh, 2nd- Vivan Roy and Arya Anand, 3rd- Himanshu Raj and Yuvika, 4th- Shivansh Raj and Parnika Singh.