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  • Event Date: 15-May-2024
  • Updated On: 22-May-2024
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Description: A Platter of Healthy Nutrients Celebration “Healthy mind lives in Healthy Body” To emphasize children’s physical well-being which goes hand-in-hand with their intellectual & emotional development , we had week long Platter of Healthy Nutrients Celebration. It was an enriching experience through which they learned how to incorporate various ingredients and flavours and come up with a healthy and yummy recipe. The activities were accessorized with JAM session on "Talking about their favorite fruit”, quiz session on the topic "Vegetables", using their innovative side to make their favourite cartoon character with millets. At the same time our Kindergarten students enjoyed their healthy lunch and got familiar with taste ,texture and smell of different seasonal fruits they were carrying for lunch. All the children enjoyed doing the activity and reflected a deep understanding of the health benefits of the recipe by sharing the nutritive value of the dish with the class. Our young learners got hands-on with nutritious ingredients and learned the importance of balanced eating. From colourful fruits to crunchy veggies, they explored a rainbow of flavours and textures. With smiles and excitement, they created their own vibrant platters, discovering the joy of healthy eating along the way.